My humble pranams to almighty Babaji and my beloved Sir, I thank them to have provided the knowldege and opportunity for writing this small bit.

i - it is the ego in the real world where the journey is outwards; as depicted by the letter "i", The bottom line "l" in "i" indicates the path and dot(bindu) on top stays outwards. In this state we tend to see others; compare and compete with others; also care for what others will think of us. It is materialistic in nature. We do not hold the key to our happiness; clearly succumbed by the great "Maya".
In the process of outward journey we end up increasing the weight of our karmic baggage, as it gets heavier and heavier we seek means of temporary happiness/pleasure. It is important to note that the weight of the karmic baggage will keep on increasing as long as the outward journey continues because "i" the ego drives it.

i - ?
? - when the "i" is questioned; we start pondering on who am "i", then comes the next symbol "?". This is transition state where we start doubting the "i" if it is real. As depicted by the curved symbol with dot at the bottom "?" This state of transition has no clarity (curvy) and confusing. It is very important to note the dot is no more in the top, it has moved to the bottom which is a clear indication of journey inwards. This is the state where we stand still, retrospect and look for the path towards inwards journey. The point where the quest of life begins.

i - ?- !
! - lastly the exclamation. The exclamation mark is used to express exasperation, astonishment, or surprise. This is the point where there is no "i". The symbol "!" depicts that the "i" is reversed and "!" remains.
The state where the journey is inwards. As depicted by "!" The line "l" depicts the path and dot depicts the direction towards inwards. In this state as we make the journey inwards to seek truth, we have already changed direction from materialistic to spiritual. In this state only goal is to know the truth. As we are detaching from outer maya we keep dissolving the karmic baggage, this is a narrow path and a hard one. The more we dissolve the karmic baggage the more detached we are and in turn feel more free. As we travel more and more inwards we get closer to the blissful state; the state of permanent happiness - "Chidananda". The inner Shiva unveils removing the veil of maya. Everything seems to be One and we are in awe depicting the symbol "!".

Chidananda roopah shivoham shivoham,
Chidananda roopah shivoham shivoham,

Book Launch - Shunya [Sri M] and Review

It was quite some time I visited Sir and this was a perfect opportunity to visit him and take blessings on the Book Launch of Shunya.

Date: 29 May 2018
Place : Landmark, Forum Mall, Koramangala.
Entire landmark was packed up and Sir arrived precisely on time along with Mohandas Pai. The panel discussion started and everyone over there enjoyed it , we brought our copy and got it signed, it did turn out to be a very long queue.

Review of Shunya.
In short, book has enough content to keep you hooked on till the last page. There are enough moments in the book to keep tears rolling from the eyes , give goosebumps, bring lump in your throat. There are also moments they make you laugh and some frighten you [If you are reading alone at night]. People familiar with Sri M`s talk will find some of his favorite stories strategically inserted in the book. I read the book with no expectations like any other book and enjoyed it till last page. I wish the author and his mission best of success in many more to come.

Book Launch - The journey continues. Sri M

Date: 22 April 2017
Place: Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan

This is my first book launch I am attending. Collected by signed copy and was seated to hear Sir speak.
Sir explained the reason required for the Sequel as there were many parts that were not put in 1st book, he wanted to share the rest of them once the readers accept the 1st part.

I read the book and like always the book is a page turner takes you to a time travel. Sir`s meeting with Krishna in Mahabharata and many more. Many goosebumps moments agian like the 1st part.

Unexpected meeting

Date : Feb 19, 10 PM, KIA . Eithad Airlines to Abudabhi.
Meeting Devesh from london.

Conveyed required messages.

Breathe in Appreciation , Breathe out Gratitude.
Enjoy small things in nature.
Narayana Seva
Wake up call.

Passed on my contact. I wait him to contact me some time.

Second Innings

Much awaited event of my life , here i go. Having finally met the One whom I have waited really really ... really long.
The mystery is solved.
need to write lot of stuff here.. during spare time. 

Time for New phone.

Went out with my sister`s family to watch The Jungle book saturday (9th April 2016) . Had to part way with my S3 in the Cinema hall.
Happend for Good though. Time for new phone. Buying OnePlus X.

Officially Dosa day

Jan 17 2016.
Back from home early morning after Sankranti festival.
After freshening up and having my weekend dose of Cricket and Badminton.
I set to clean my house, it was 11 AM by the time I finished all the chores.

I decided to reward my self with Good Dosa for the good work I did by cleaning up house.
Took my Fazer headed to Gandhi bazaar.
Stop 1: UD :
Price : 30 INR

Stop 2: Mysore Mylari
Price : 40 INR

Stop 3: Vidyarthi Bhavan
Price : 43 INR

It was 12.30 by the time I finished.

Late evening, at Chamaraj pet.
Stop 4: Davangere bene dose,77.5672279,15z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0xf1a5847356aff813

Ended with Stop 5: Not a dosa stop though. Ended eating Cold stone ice crean with banana and gulkand (85 INR) at