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yellareddy [userpic]
Meeting Dr. Shimoga Subbanna

7 Sept 2013, 10:35 AM IST,
Bengaluru, BSK 2nd Stage.

I was looking for a  notary to certify my passport photocopy and one of my friend asked go meet Shimoga Subbanna near my house.

Back when I was may be 7-8 years Old, There was only one TV channel (Doordarshan) and they used to rarely play movies in that channel, On one such occasion they played this kannada movie Kadu Kudre late night. Only thing I remember from this movie was the immortal song "Kadu Kudre Odi banditha" sung by Dr. Shimoga Subbanna. After listening to that , I was singing this for months in my childhood. Nearly 20+ years from there, I visited the National awardee for singing that song (I did not know that he was the singer when I met him).  He is a little short tempered, but his wife keeps calming him down all the time. He quickly stamped all my photocopies and signed on all of them. When I was leaving for my badminton practice, I told them I will keep visiting their place even though I don't have notary work.
Later next day when I googled him to get his phone no, I realized that he was the singer of the immortal song Kadu Kudre. Felt very blessed that I accidentally met him through a whole different reason.

Shimoga Subbanna singing Kadu Kudre in his house after nearly 30 years.

Current Mood: amusedamused
Current Music: Kadu Kudre

He won the national award for this song. Not sure why the industry did not use his talent more.
- Manjunath Gopadi

Absolutely, you should meet him. Quite a character!!