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yellareddy [userpic]
Sant Nirankari Bhavan

When I was returning from Madanapalli after meeting Sir on Dec 10, On the way back to Bangalore, I met  a very interesting person on the bus, who eventually dropped me home that night and promised to meet up on sunday with a condition that he will show me God. I was keen to know what is his definition of God and what is that he is going to show me.

14th December , 11 AM,
South End Circle , Bangalore.
As soon as I reached that place he has asked me to show up, I saw around 200-250 people gathered and sitting in the hall (ladies on the left and men on right). They were walking in and bowing to a person feet (who is sitting on the stage) and occupying their respective seats infront of him. They were also randomly giving 10 Rs (or different amount of money) to the gaurds (who eventually put it in to the box). Random people came and expressed there experiences, few came and saw songs, bajans (some solo and some in group); there was also this cute gal of 7 may be who came and read a nice story telling we should not fear and when we face fear, take name of God and everything will be alright.

Very interesting Quote I remember from this whole event on that day was: " I am so poor that the air I breathe is also not mine; and I am so rich that the owner of the air and everything is mine".

After the talks, there was some good lunch and later the person I met other day told me now he will show me God, I walked behind him and he went on asking all, have u seen God, they all replied with a very confident 'Yes'. Now the interesting part; something you will observe even if you go there, every one touches each others feet when they greet each other; irrespective of age, sex, caste and all factors. So basically when they say I have seen God they mean to say " We all are God" and othen they address each other as Mahatma or Mahapurush.

Very happy with this experience and the prespective they have.