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Its my Life

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yellareddy [userpic]
Whats app conversations with a friend

Below conversations are private and posted here thinking it will be useful to someone at some point of time.

R; Maga slept?
Maga one question... What is the difference between living in presence and impulsiveness? See they say the key to peace is living in presence because neither past or future exist..... So if one lives for a moment will he not be reckless??? Will he not do things which is stupid, harmful etc etc
Y: If u have control on the mind. U ll always be in sanity. When mind controls u you will be doing things that are stupid. And key to peace is only Now...
Mind has to shut off
Silence inside too
Thats peace

R: Yes maga... Then how do you define sanity?
Yes maga I agree with the concept of peace...
Y: Not being affected by things and events around is sanity
It happens and u only watch
And not become impulsive
Passive observer like a movie watcher
Because u know all this is not real
R: If our action in presence is based on the imagination of the consequences of future then its not living in the moment alwa?
But what differentiates impulsiveness and leaving in presence? Both are done at the moment thinking that there is no future alwa?
Y: Karmasanyasa it’s called

R: What is that maga?
Y: Do things without expecting anything usually for others bright
Do karma but don’t expect result
Because they are not related at all
Ur action and result are 2 diff things
Keep is simple don't worry too much

Y:Yes but see maga..... There are people who live reckless and when we ask they say we live once no live the present... How do you explain this behavior?

Y: Drop all baggage
It’s their karma
U cant explain them

R: Karma...
Y: They have to live their fate
They won’t hear u
No matter how u shout
It’s bound to happen
That's how maya is
Very few crack it and be unaffected by karma and be in eternal bliss
Becoz they find the truth
Be happy all moments of life.its the only choice you have.

R: Yes maga!!! True..
Y: No matter what happens
Be happy.
And times be compassionate
It’s ok to cry
But know what is real

R: Yes maga... Thats the whole purpose of life... To see beauty in everyone and love every one and nature!!!
Yes maga... But how to know?
Y: See God in all and you know you are God

R: Haaannn
Y: That's the secret
See beyond their imperfections
R:Yes maga... Correct... I believe that!!!

R:Good night maga!!!