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Its my Life

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yellareddy [userpic]
The Magic

After nearly 7 - 8 months, I decided to visit my parents for their 35th anniversary at my home town.
It was a much needed break and enjoyed it fully.
In the mean time I was browsing my Nook and started reading this book The Magic.

It indeed is truely magical and teaches you a new way of living life with "Gratitude".
Most basic of all , which we have forgotten.
Reason Why people who suffer suffer more and those who enjoy life enjoy even more.
Crux of the book is to practice what you read in this book to really understand and feel it happening.

I really hope every one who reads this post also reads this book and enjoys as much as I did.
This is one book I really wish every one could read again and again just to remind them selves that we need to be thankful for everything.
What we are, what we were, what we will be, Just be thankful.
I will like to thank every one who is reading this post for reading it.
I will also like to deeply thank the entire universe for making my life the way it is.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.