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yellareddy [userpic]
Book Launch - Shunya [Sri M] and Review

It was quite some time I visited Sir and this was a perfect opportunity to visit him and take blessings on the Book Launch of Shunya.

Date: 29 May 2018
Place : Landmark, Forum Mall, Koramangala.
Entire landmark was packed up and Sir arrived precisely on time along with Mohandas Pai. The panel discussion started and everyone over there enjoyed it , we brought our copy and got it signed, it did turn out to be a very long queue.

Review of Shunya.
In short, book has enough content to keep you hooked on till the last page. There are enough moments in the book to keep tears rolling from the eyes , give goosebumps, bring lump in your throat. There are also moments they make you laugh and some frighten you [If you are reading alone at night]. People familiar with Sri M`s talk will find some of his favorite stories strategically inserted in the book. I read the book with no expectations like any other book and enjoyed it till last page. I wish the author and his mission best of success in many more to come.

Current Location: bengaluru