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Baba in my dream

On these very special days of Navaratri, early morning in my dream ( may be between 4-5 AM ), I was back in am college at Alike. My friend Debasish Panda  (who worked with me in labs) sitting on the wall near PHC in college ground; told me "Baba stays in Alike now, he has gone to see some competition and will come back in sometime" and left that place. I waited sitting on the same wall for  few minutes. A car came towards me and was parked right in front of me, couple of men whom I don't recognize stepped out of the car and Swami also came out of the car, some more people gathered there; most of them dressed in white. I could not believe my eyes ( This is my first direct darshan of my beloved Baba after a long time). He looked very very young and energetic as ever with light orange robe and a smiling face radiating love of thousands mothers. I could not stop myself and jumped from the wall and said 'Sairam'; paused for few seconds and asked Swami "can I have padanamaskaram ( even in dream I had the sense to ask before touching Lord's feed; may be because I was feeling it was all real ).Swami gave me signal that it's OK to touch his divine feet. I touched Baba's feet and he blessed me for long time; I was getting a feeling that something was being downloaded in to me. Once I got up swami told "You are dirty now, come when you are clean; you will receive this energy in a an uninterrupted manner, So How was it? " I told my hands and body are going numb; I don't know if I can receive this much energy. And Swami left to his room and I thought I can go to meet him next day taking bath dressed cleanly. In the mean time when Swami told me about cleanliness, I thought, he was referring to me not taking bath that day as it was quite early. when I woke up in the morning and read the below lines on FB and revisited the whole experience; I realized Swami was indeed referring to Atmashuddi and also that I have a long way to walk towards my spiritual goal.

"What is cleanliness? Why should we constantly evaluate the level of cleanliness within us? Bhagawan explains to us today.
Today’s Sai Inspires from Prasanthi Nilayam - 11 Oct, 2013
External cleanliness, devoid of internal cleanliness is nothing short of deceitfulness. Internal cleanliness is more essential than external cleanliness. Though a cup may be clean and attractive outside, we cannot drink water from it, if it is unclean inside. Food cooked in copper vessels turns poisonous, if the vessel does not have a silver coating inside. Hence, observe internal cleanliness with meticulous care. Strive to remain free from the diseases of hatred, bad thoughts and vicious practices. God has gifted you this human body for achieving excellence in your daily life and attaining proximity with Divinity. Cultivate spirituality, acquire spiritual traits, attain proximity to the Divine and merge in Him. This must be your firm resolve. You can achieve this bysanctifying your body with sacred actions, until your last breath. ~ Sri Sathya Sai Baba ( Divine Discourse, Oct 10, 1997.)"

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Dreams and ME

Last Night in my dream, I was able to prove that its impossible for humans to travel through dimensions, and I was so convinced with my theory and proof, that I was happy and started smiling. I wake up in the morning with a feeling that I have achieved some thing unusual, later I realize bloody I don`t remember how I proved that stuff. Lifez going insane... I can only LOLZ.

Now I realize,
"If some thing can be proved it can be disproved also, its all up to how good you are at it."

Still me pretty confident, that my proof was damn correct.