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Lake Wainamu (Bethells Beach) from Long Road

22 June 2014
Rainy Day, with bits of sun, Spotted rainbow source for first time in my live, it was like 100 meters away from us.
So far this has been the most slippery mud tracks I have ever experienced so far.  Slipped few times, but I had a staff (wooden pole picked on the way in the forest ) that kept saving me :).
All in all Sunday well spent.

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BUSH AND COASTAL. Whatipu to Pararaha Valley and back along the coast.

21 June 2014
Gibbons track, Muir track, Pararaha Valley Track then the beach. Walk up to caves also.
Walk in the woods, Streams, and finally walk in the swamps which were knee high, experience to remember.
Saturday became Funday, completely exhausted by the time we finished the final 6 km beach walk on the shore,
We ended the day at Huia Store Cafe, with some brilliant pastries and chips and lot of food  :)


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