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Tips for trading.

These are some of the trading rules which are universally valid for stock trading.

• Never risk more than 10% of your trading capital in a single trade.
• Always use stop loss orders.( Here you should know your loss you can give in a situation where the trade starts going against you.)
• Never do overtrading.
• Never let a profit run into a loss.
• Don’t enter a trade if you are unsure of the trend.
• When in doubt, get out, and don’t get in when in doubt.
• Only trade active markets.
• Distribute your risks equally among different markets.
• Never limit your orders. Trade at the markets.
• Extra monies from successful trades should be placed in a separate account.
• Never trade to scalp a profit.
• Never average a loss.
• Never get out of the market because you have lost patience, or get in because you are anxiously waiting.
• Avoid taking small profits and large losses.
• Never cancel a stop loss after you have placed it.
• Avoid getting in and out of the market too soon.
• Be willing to make money from both sides of the market.
• Never buy or sell just because the price is low or high.
• Never hedge a losing position.
• Never change your position without a good reason.
• Avoid trading after long periods of success or failure.
• Don’t try to guess tops or bottoms.
• Don’t follow a blind man’s advice.
• Avoid getting in wrong and out wrong; or getting in right and out wrong. This is making a double mistake.
• When you lose don’t blame it on luck.

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Ideal Portfolio.

An Ideal Portfolio should be like an Ideal Cricket Team.
You dont need a world X1 , more important is a performing team and more important is team effort.
Captain should always be a Market Leader. (ex:Rel Industries, BHEL, Bharati, etc)
All Rounders are like mid caps. (eg: Nw18,Pantaloon, Rel Cap etc), very imp.
People out of form have to make way for emerging players (Infy, wipro`s, sasken`s cant stay in for long)
If a player goes below expecation, he leaves the team with no further questions, can always come back when back in form.If a stock takes you for more then 8% loss then its all over.
It`s Ideal and advisible not to have more then 11 stocks. (its becomes difficult to track).
Do give chance to new players (IPO`s).
Statistics dont lie, don`t listen to commentators like Udayan, Ambarish  baliga  and Aswani,Just take them as inputs,see the results posted, the prospects, growth plan,how its currently priced, current trend,P/E,sector, Support, Resistance.
Make your own decision and trust it.


Udayan Mukerjee can make anyone buy or sell any stock on the Dalal street...........
Man he knows it all..........what the public wants to hear....... toooooooo much.
Mithali......I suggest mute the TV and then watch cnbc tv18. she is so sweet..I just love the way she says ........surprise, surprise.
and ofcourse the likes of Shereen bhan, Tanvir and  Aysha have made me buy NW 18 stocks with out much doubts.
I just love the way it is.............

Thumbs UP 20.

INDIA seems to love the NO 20 now.
first it was T20 world cup. they won the championship becoming the first world champions with a young and new team.
Now its 20K on the sensex.
So whats next with the No 20.

I still remember when sensex melted to 9000 levels last year, I was with Caritor and advised lot of my friends to open D-Mat accounts and start buying stocks and India is the place. No one believed me, I remember one guy telling me you are wasting your time.some trusted me and I know they thank me every time they make money and ofcourse vice-versa. One wrong guess was the INFY story, which seems to be fading day by day.
I still believe , as they market will cry for a correction but the long term story is always that INDIA Rocks.

ICICI direct sucks

This has to be the worst website ever built. I have probably seen all kinds of exceptions on this website.
What the hell was the plan when they built this website. was it planned for 1000 -2000 users.
I don`t see any point why i should pay this very high brokerage when the SERVICE is so killing.
I think I got to shift to some other securities. It never works when I want to do some important transaction.
Sometimes, you need to click each buttons atleast 5 times.
it will any way log you out with in 5 minutes.
Most common thing is service not available.
Share Kahn also had a similar story , one of my friend applied for power grid IPO and his bid was never sent to the Exchange. What the #@$%.
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What the?


Is this a rule or something ?
You track some stock for a long time then you make up your mind to buy it and it goes up like OMG.
I have been tracking Reliance infrastructure for nearly 6 months, then it goes to 450, then was waiting for it to go to 400.
Then i decide enough is enough let me buy.
It starts hitting upper circuits everyday.

Another upper circuit today-> (24 sept 2007) 1147.4 cant believe.
Yet another upper circuit -> (25th sept 2007) 1204.75 . Damn it.
another one ->(26th sept 2007) 1,206.50...........does it ever get tired.
Please Stop ->(27th sept 2007) 1328.15
???????????????? ->(28th sept 2007)1394.55
upper circuit October 1st-> -> -> 1464.25 .
Upper circuit October 3rd and goes on -> -> -> 1537.45
not again-> yes upper circuit ->1614.3 October 4th
upper circuit -> October 5th--> 1695.
October 8th-Market (sensex) down 250 pnts.another one 1779.75 (+5.00).
Superd, fantastic, mind blowing (himesh style) ->October 9th : 1868.70 (+5.00).
10th oct -> 1962.10
11th oct-> 2060.20.
Oct 12th -> 2,163.20.
Oct 15th -> 2271.35
Oct 17th -> 2384.
Oct 17th -> 2504 (upper circuit). Sensex was down 1700 pnts.
23rd OCT finally the day.- 5% down 2753.85
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